JAC’s Craft Smokehouse in 2022

After a full year in operation (what?! How?) we’re doing some reflecting. Our Anniversary Party in October passed in an absolute blur, and we’ve barely slowed down since! Our Thanksgiving and Christmas preorders were a success again (Drop a comment if you were one of those lucky customers or a guest at a party with JAC’s food!)

Looking back on 2021, we had some good times and bad, and we learned A LOT through it all. 

What you loved in 2021:

Downtown Platters (and all our charcuterie boards)

Brisket Boudin 

Cajun Pasta



What we loved in 2021:

The community support we’ve received through every unexpected closing or super busy day. Our super fans that comment on every post and visit every week (and those of you who have us as a line item on your budget!) Our awesome team that keeps growing and bringing new perspectives and valuable relationships into our little restaurant. Our partnerships with local farms like Wall Greens and 3 Boards Farms (local-grown food REALLY IS better!)

What we’re doing for 2022:

Not only have our awesome customers let us know what they’d like to see, we’ve been looking for creative ways to offset those pesky rising prices due to the supply chain issues affecting all your favorite restaurants. So while prices on your old favorites will be going up a bit, we’re adding new favorites to make our menu more well-rounded. 

We’re adding some Southwestern-style barbecue; tacos, tamales, and enchiladas on specials nights. Look forward to see our classic food truck quesadillas and queso sauce, along with a new VERY requested special–Smokehouse Fries!

Our updated menu is being released this week! Be sure to check it out and come try any of our new items–or stick to the old favorites. We’ll never change our commitment to delicious, high quality food made from scratch in our kitchen.

See you soon!

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  1. This week!
    Paid for two burgers, a bbq sandwich (baskets) and one drink. $42.
    😳😵‍💫Seems a tad much,
    JAC’s Craft Smokehouse in West Monroe!

    1. We’re so sorry you weren’t satisfied with your order. It’s true prices are going up everywhere, and we’re doing our best to provide options across all budgets to make sure everyone can enjoy our food. We appreciate your honest feedback!

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